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Twinings® of London

Green Tea

Green tea has several health benefits and is known for its refreshing, smooth flavored taste. Green tea is actually made from the same leaves as black tea. What makes green tea different, is the process. Green tea leaves are heated to prevent oxidation and black tea leaves are oxidised to add additional flavor and color. This is why green tea is lighter in color and also the processing is less resulting in a healthier tea. Twinings of London Green Tea is a style called “Sencha.” Its known for a smooth, flavorful taste and mild characteristics.

K-Cup Review

Twinings of London is known for it’s quality and they didn’t disappoint with this green tea. It’s flavorful and is my choice for a k cup green tea. I prefer to make this tea using the 8oz setting, simply because it gives it a bit more taste. Who knew something that tastes so good is also healthy for you too!

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