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Van Houtte

Van Houtte Inc. is a coffee company based in Canada. Originally started as a grocery store by French born Albert-Louis Van Houtte in 1919 it evolved with it’s success to focus on gourmet coffee roasting.

In 2010 Van Houtte was purchased by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

Pecan Praline Coffee

A yummy smooth coffee pairing creamy praline with caramelized, nutty pecan.  Such sweet goodness.

K-Cup Review

I really enjoy this coffee. I like my coffee smooth and mild with no bite or acidity. This one fits the bill. The praline pecan flavor is very soft and doesn’t overpower the coffee at all. I add milk and Splenda, so if you like your coffee black, your mileage may vary. I think this one definitely isn’t for someone who enjoys bold, dark roasts, but it’s perfect for me.

KCup Kudos
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Eclipse Extra Bold Coffee

Van Houtte Eclipse Blend With carmelized undertones, an intense and intriguing flavor of fruits, and a round body, this strong coffee offers deep flavor and intensity.     K Cup- Review: Very dark, smoky and well roasted.  EXCELLENT. Holds its own to cream and sugar, the bold taste shines through! I love my Starbucks Verona coffee, and this one […] Continue reading →

Midnight Express

Van Houtte Midnight Express K-Cup This extremely bold coffee will alert your senses with its intense fruity taste, heavy body, and interesting tangy notes.  A true full bodied dark roast that is packed with rich flavor.   K Cup-Review: Pretty Bold and not for you if you like the “breakfast blend” type coffee.  It was a bit strong for my taste and even with […] Continue reading →


Van Houtte Napoletano K-Cup Brew this cup when you truly  want a treat. It is the kind of brew that makes you want to sit down, relax and enjoy it! Inspired by the Italian tradition, this intense coffee displays smoky flavours and deep woodsy notes.  There is an  aroma that offers a hint of fudge and roasted chocolate.   K […] Continue reading →

Mexico Coffee

Mexico Coffee Bold but not Bitter this coffee blends together both festive and fruity flavors perfectly.  With a pleasing aroma and smooth taste this will be your go to cup!   K Cup Review: Nice balance, and not bitter! This is my go-to coffee in the afternoon when I begin to drag a bit. It tastes good […] Continue reading →

White Chocolate Mint

White Chocolate Mint Coffee Be transported to a winter wonderland in this festive flavored coffee. Sweet and light white chocolate mingles with a peppermint finale!   K Cup Review: This coffee smells amazing when it’s brewing! Just love to brew one of these up, however, when it comes time to drink the coffee is just decent. There is only a […] Continue reading →

Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Coffee

Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Coffee The most decadent blend of chocolate raspberry truffle.  You will literally feel the richness melt in your mouth.  This is the coffee of all coffees for the biggest sweet tooth’s out there.   K Cup Review: The minute the seal is broken, you can smell the raspberry. Then, As it brews, the aroma that fills […] Continue reading →