Nantucket Blend

Green-Mountain-Coffee-Nantucket-Blend-K-Cup The Nantucket Blend® Fair Trade Select Coffee is Green Mountain Coffees most complex blend. This delicious blend consists of four different coffees from three different continents. These beans are blended and roasted to create a cup of coffee that has a distinctive and exceptional character. K-Cup Review The Nantucket Blend is a not-to-strong coffee blend that […] Continue reading →

Original Coffee

Eight-O-Clock-Original-Coffee-K-Cup Don’t let the name “Original Coffee” fool you. This medium roast premium blend is 100% Arabica coffee that is full-bodied, yet very smooth. K-Cup Review The Original Coffee is perfect for those who dislike the bitter after taste that some coffees have. This coffee is incredibly smooth and pleasing. It isn’t acidity and overall, a […] Continue reading →

Guy Fieri’s Bananas Foster

a_560x375[1] The celebrity chef and host has branched out beyond things like steak sauces  and into the realm of  coffee. That’s right, you’ve just purchased a one-way bus fare to Flavortown. Bananas Foster: Sweet banana, caramelized sugar and cinnamon flavors — brings me back to my days as a flambé captain!   Continue reading →

Caribou Blend Coffee

Caribou Blend Coffee K Cup Review The secret of the Caribou Blend is a hearty and rich Indonesian bean that is perfectly proportioned with South American and Central American varieties resulting in tasty fruit tones. This coffee carefully balances the syrupy, big-bodied taste with a clean finish, making it a treat during the day or night. K-Cup Review Hands down, this […] Continue reading →

Pecan Praline Coffee

Van Houttte Pecan Praline A yummy smooth coffee pairing creamy praline with caramelized, nutty pecan.  Such sweet goodness. K-Cup Review I really enjoy this coffee. I like my coffee smooth and mild with no bite or acidity. This one fits the bill. The praline pecan flavor is very soft and doesn’t overpower the coffee at all. I add milk […] Continue reading →

Eclipse Extra Bold Coffee

Van Houtte Eclipse Blend With carmelized undertones, an intense and intriguing flavor of fruits, and a round body, this strong coffee offers deep flavor and intensity.     K Cup- Review: Very dark, smoky and well roasted.  EXCELLENT. Holds its own to cream and sugar, the bold taste shines through! I love my Starbucks Verona coffee, and this one […] Continue reading →

Caffè Verona® Coffee

Starbucks Cafe Verona Dark When you mix beans from Latin America, Indonesia, and Italy you achieve a seductive blend of soul and sweetness. A romantic, delectable coffee that will quickly become a favorite.   K cup -Review: Personally I think this coffee  is by far the best coffee you can get out of this magnificent little k cup machine. […] Continue reading →

Irish Cream Coffee

tim-lg-irishcream Super Smooth and creamy with the taste of Irish Cream liquer so decadent you’ll think your sipping liquid velvet.     K-Cup Review: The Irish Cream coffee is marvelous–tastes like there’s a shot of liquor in there but there isn’t . Great flavorful beverage. Continue reading →