Butter Toffee Coffee

Butter Toffee Coffee This one is smooth. We’re talking buttery: with a lingering , creamy taste of declicious caramel toffee.   K-Cup Review: As with most flavored coffees, this one is more of a medium roast. So it will not taste as good in say a  larger cup size – I suggest the 6oz to 8oz max. The […] Continue reading →

Mocha Coffee

Dunkin Donuts Mocha Think of this as your desert replacement.   100% Arabica beans with the taste and aroma of rich, sweet, creamy chocolate balanced with a rich coffee flavor.   K Cup-Review: This is a very smooth coffee; not overly chocolatey; I found it to be a perfect combination of mocha and coffee. Continue reading →

Midnight Express

Van Houtte Midnight Express K-Cup This extremely bold coffee will alert your senses with its intense fruity taste, heavy body, and interesting tangy notes.  A true full bodied dark roast that is packed with rich flavor.   K Cup-Review: Pretty Bold and not for you if you like the “breakfast blend” type coffee.  It was a bit strong for my taste and even with […] Continue reading →


Van Houtte Napoletano K-Cup Brew this cup when you truly  want a treat. It is the kind of brew that makes you want to sit down, relax and enjoy it! Inspired by the Italian tradition, this intense coffee displays smoky flavours and deep woodsy notes.  There is an  aroma that offers a hint of fudge and roasted chocolate.   K […] Continue reading →

French Vanilla Supreme

French Vanilla Supreme Rich and Creamy Vanilla is King in this sweet blend.   K Cup Review: I love french vanilla coffee and this offering by Gloria Jean did not disappoint me. If you are looking for a good after dinner coffee or a good second cup in the morning for the trip to the office, this one […] Continue reading →

India Spice Chai Tea

India Spice Chai The scent of this chai is intoxicating and the robust flavor will have you transported to an exotic, spicy, and irresistable place.  Celestial Seasonings® Original India Spice Chai Tea  is blended from premium teas combined with natural spices and exotic flavors. Sweeten with sugar or honey, then add milk or your favorite substitute. Enjoy the health […] Continue reading →

Mexico Coffee

Mexico Coffee Bold but not Bitter this coffee blends together both festive and fruity flavors perfectly.  With a pleasing aroma and smooth taste this will be your go to cup!   K Cup Review: Nice balance, and not bitter! This is my go-to coffee in the afternoon when I begin to drag a bit. It tastes good […] Continue reading →

White Chocolate Mint

White Chocolate Mint Coffee Be transported to a winter wonderland in this festive flavored coffee. Sweet and light white chocolate mingles with a peppermint finale!   K Cup Review: This coffee smells amazing when it’s brewing! Just love to brew one of these up, however, when it comes time to drink the coffee is just decent. There is only a […] Continue reading →

Mocha Nut Fudge Coffee

Mocha Nut Fudge Coffee Captured in this Coffee is the gooey, nutty goodness of homemade fudge.  This dessert drink is an explosion of fudgy flavors. Rich, deep chocolate and walnuts with an after taste of carmelized sugary goodness.  Even better? It’s free of calories, carbs and no sugars or sweetners are added.   Kosher Certification:  This product is certified […] Continue reading →

Creme Caramel Coffee

Creme Caramel Coffee Pairing the sweet taste of rich caramel, with gourmet vanilla ice cream is  Wolfgang Puck’s Creme Caramel 100% Arabica coffee.  Medium roast with a sweet afterthough.   K Cup Review: While I love flavored coffees, I had never tried any of the Wolfgang Puck line. This moved to the top of my favorites list with […] Continue reading →