Chocolate Glazed Donut Coffee

Chocolate Glazed Donut Coffee What’s better than Coffee and Donuts?  A coffee with a sugary exterior, chocolate goodness, and none of the calories!  You’ll be wanting seconds of this sweet treat! K-Cup Review This does not have the “chocolate” flavor I wanted. I have to sweeten it , hoping it would improve the flavor. This is not a bold […] Continue reading →

Coconut Mocha Coffee

Coconut Mocha K-cup You can just taste the flakey coconut pieces,  topping a  rich chocolate donut.  Sugary Sweet with none of the calories.  Made with 100% Arabica Coffee.   K Cup Review: If you like light coffee’s you may like this a lot. So yummy & honestly it makes me feel like Im eating a dessert but without […] Continue reading →

Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Coffee

Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Coffee The most decadent blend of chocolate raspberry truffle.  You will literally feel the richness melt in your mouth.  This is the coffee of all coffees for the biggest sweet tooth’s out there.   K Cup Review: The minute the seal is broken, you can smell the raspberry. Then, As it brews, the aroma that fills […] Continue reading →

Southern Pecan Coffee

Southern Pecan Coffee K-Cup Packed full of delicious Pecan Praline flavor. Your cup of Southern Pecan Coffee will transport you to the holiday most loved dessert Pecan Pie.  But this treat does not contain sugars or sweeteners of any kind.   K Cup Review: The richness and flavor of this coffee is one of the best in the k-cup selection. The flavor of […] Continue reading →

Wild Mountain Blueberry™ Coffee

gmc-lg-wmountainblueberry-v3 Does it get better than Blueberry Coffee?  This unexpected delight is juicy, sweet, and slightly buttery.  You can taste juicy wild berries with an after thought of sweet caramel.  With no added sugars or sweetners, and calorie free this truly is a guilt-free indulgence. Kosher Certification:  This product is certified kosher by the Orthodox Union. […] Continue reading →

Pumpkin Spice Coffee

pumpkin spice light roast coffee Showcasing the best of the season this coffee combines the creamy flavors of nutmeg and cinnamon into one warm and favorful brew.   K Cup Review: This is a light roast. Actually VERY light. But since it’s not bitter you really don’t need to sweeten.   It’s not over spiced, but it has just enough not […] Continue reading →

Café Mocha Specialty

Cafe Mocha Coffee K-cup Cocoa meets coffee in this delicious blend of delicate and delectable.   Sophisticated yet sweet.  Rich and delicate. Notes: This product contains milk. Product is trans fat and gluten free. Caffeine content is estimated at less than 50 mg per serving (versus 100-150 mg in Arabica coffee).   K Cup Review: The mix here is a […] Continue reading →

Café Caramel Specialty

Cafe Caramel K-cup A blissfully buttery blend of smoothness with a topping of caramel.  The light but fluidness of your cup will take you to a almost dreamlike state. Notes: This product contains milk. Caffeine content is estimated at less than 10 mg per serving (versus 100-150 mg in Arabica coffee).   K Cup Review: This is a […] Continue reading →

Bali Samsara Blend™

Bali Samsara Blend Earthy and packed with dark chocolate notes and floral overtones, discover paradise in your cup.   K Cup Review: Very pleased. It has a very nice balance. No bitter aftertaste. If you are like my husband and myself and like a good cup/mug of coffee you’ll like this. Even though it’s a dark roast it’s […] Continue reading →

Caramel Vanilla Cream Coffee

Caramel Vanilla Cream Just imagine licking a big scoop of vanilla ice cream with caramel syrup drizzling down the side of your cone.  Yum, this dessert in a coffee cup flavor is more than reminiscent of that You will love  Caramel Vanilla Cream.  Packed with a luxurious blend of caramel, toasty brown sugar, and vanilla cream flavors .   […] Continue reading →